Altitude Angel is an aviation technology company delivering solutions that enable the safer integration and use of fully automated drones into airspace.

Through its Airspace Management Operating System, GuardianUTM, they deliver the essential software ‘building-blocks’ that enable national deployments of U-Space compatible services.

The Company’s operating system product is designed to serve as the central, secure and extensible platform at the heart of a national UTM offering and is intended for deployment by a nationally-regulated entity. This, in turn, enables the regulated entity to establish a flourishing ecosystem of competing downstream drone services, while retaining governance over data quality, security and integrity.

The Company works with drone manufacturers, software developers, national aviation authorities, airports and other stakeholders to design and deliver common, interoperable components that third parties can use to connect into the base operating system.

For private entities who wish to establish better situation awareness over their own aerial operations, or to manage flights over or within their own infrastructure, a light version of the operating system is available.

About the company

Altitude Angel was founded in 2014 by entrepreneur Richard Parker. In 2017, the company formed strategic partnerships with Frequentis AG and NATS. Altitude Angel’s teams comprise deep technical expertise, former air traffic controllers, senior regulatory experts from national aviation authorities and senior executives from major international telecommunications companies.

Headquartered in Reading, UK, the Company has also established a presence in Vienna, Austria and is continuing its international expansion with a plan to establish several other offices globally in 2019.

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