NATS is a leading air traffic management and solutions company, established in the UK in 1962 and now operating around the world.

We provide air traffic navigation services to aircraft flying through UK controlled airspace and at numerous UK and international airports.

Last year, in 2017, controllers based in our air traffic control centres at Swanwick, Hampshire and Prestwick, Ayrshire, handled 2.6 million flights above the UK and eastern North Atlantic Ocean.

We provide air traffic services at 13 UK airports including Heathrow, Manchester and London City, as well as at Gibraltar Airport and, through our FerroNATS joint venture with Ferrovial, at nine airport towers in Spain.

Building on NATS’ reputation for operational excellence and innovation, we offer aerodrome, data, engineering, capacity, efficiency and environmental performance solutions to customers worldwide, including airports, airlines air traffic service providers and governments.

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NATS is excited to be playing a pivotal role in Operation Zenith. Drones offer huge potential benefits to businesses as well as public and emergency services.

We’re committed to helping deliver these benefits to the UK economy as a whole by ensuring a consistent oversight of all types of aircraft, enabling them to share the same airspace safely.

Implementing a trusted infrastructure for managing unmanned traffic across the UK will increase overall situational awareness in the skies and enhance safety for all airspace users.

Andy Sage, NATS Drones Lead