The Future of Aviation Begins Today

Operation Zenith gave a view of the future of air traffic management, demonstrating how by using the right technology it’s possible to safely integrate unmanned traffic into controlled airspace and open up the skies to commercial airspace worldwide.

The Scenarios

These scenarios have been designed to demonstrate the commercial and public service benefits using NATS procedures and enabled by Altitude Angel’s GuardianUTM O/S technology.  Finding a way for manned and unmanned aircraft to coexist safely is crucial for the future of a commercial drone industry. We believe that the best way to achieve this safely is to integrate unmanned aircraft with manned aircraft in the same airspace and create a unified air traffic management infrastructure that will increase overall situational awareness in the skies, and maximise airspace capacity and flexibility. We believe that building an integrated framework for ATM and UTM is the safest way to unlock the true value of drones for businesses and public services.

The Partners

With a shared passion for advancing developments within the drone industry a number of specialist organisations have come together to deliver Operation Zenith, an exclusive demonstration of unmanned traffic management (UTM). With safety a number one priority Altitude Angel, NATS and Manchester Airport share a common vision of a future that has a flourishing drone ecosystem.

Delivery Partners

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