Commercial VLOS Operation

Scenario 5, Site Survey (VLOS)


The commercial user within visual line of sight (VLOS) scenario features a commercial user flying a drone under VLOS conditions within Manchester Airport’s controlled zone (CTR). This scenario aims to show how a user is able use an app like Drone Assist to check air and ground hazards and use its ‘fly now’ function to allow other airspace users and an airport of their activities.


This Operation Zenith scenario is designed to demonstrate how mobile and desktop computer applications can be used not only to increase drone pilots’ understanding of airspace and the restrictions that may apply to an area in which they wish to fly but also to how these apps could be used to better integrate a commercial user with the real-time situation in their chosen operational area. This scenario extends this principle to show how those same applications can be used to integrate a commercial user into the real-time complex air picture.

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