scenario 7, Safeguarding


The safeguarding scenario will feature the detection of unauthorised drones as they enter a pre-identified section of airspace to test Operation Zenith’s safeguarding solution. This scenario has been designed to demonstrate how a safeguarding solution can be effectively integrated into a common platform to allow air traffic control (ATC) and other organisations to enhance the visibility of potential hazards whilst not restricting approved flights.


With the number of reported near-airport drone sightings on the increase, we believe effective safeguarding could significantly enhance aircraft safety while also bringing tangible commercial benefits. A safeguarding solution that is capable of validating drone sightings quickly and providing valuable information to assist in clarifying and assessing potential safety and security risks could help reduce – or even prevent – unnecessary airfield closures, in turn saving commercial airlines time and money.

Delivery Partners

This scenario is supported by our operational partners, Vodafone and Dedrone.