Airspace Management

scenario 8, Airspace Management


Operation Zenith is designed to demonstrate the value of providing a complete, composite view of the airspace using a range of ATM and UTM sensory sources including radar, safeguarding, hook-on EC, and ground control station/autopilot connectivity. This scenario has been designed to demonstrate that an airspace management tooling platform can successfully invoke an airspace restriction in a defined area and automatically disseminate actions to all active and affected unmanned traffic.


At times it is necessary to close airspace for safety or security reasons. Airspace can only be closed by the appropriate authorities. This scenario shows how flexible and dynamic tooling can be used by the appropriate authorities to ensure the efficient use of airspace and enable multiple drone operations in a small geographical area.

Delivery Partners

This scenario is supported by our operational partners, Greater Manchester Police and National Police Air Service (NPAS)